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Timetable for Farnstock '19

All times are approximate and subject to change on the day!

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2 Chill-Out Tent
1:15pm Betsey
2:00pm St Michael's School Dance Group 2:20pm Paul Carbuncle
3:15pm Highcroft 3:00pm St Michael's School Choir
4:30pm The Yons 4:00pm Garderobes 2+1
5:45pm Cannon Bone 5:00pm Estradonas
6:30pm Becky Syson
7:15pm Brad Dear and The March
8:30pm Old Skool Anthems 8:00pm Jools And Ross
9:45pm Danny Nightingale
11:00pm DJ Chenon 11:00pm DJ Dee

Workshop Field Silent Disco Shed