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Escalator Kings

July 22, 2017 16:30 @ Key Stage 1

Back again for 2017 with a brand new set featuring original material and well-known covers, local band Escalator Kings will be rocking Key Stage 1 mid-afternoon.

About Escalator Kings

Escalator Kings are a four-piece band from Farnsfield, Southwell and Newark playing a mixture of covers and original material.

Their sound has been variously described as "four guys with instruments" and "that sound your washing machine makes when it's going wrong". They have played in locations as diverse as a converted barn and a converted semi-trailer.

"A stunning new band, and very probably the best new music I've heard since you gave me this fiver."
- Music reviewer on the street

Expect to hear hits from the 80's up to the present day played with a slightly different twist. The twist is that you might not recognise them.

"The vocals certainly left me speechless. Do they realise they're actually doing this in public?"
- A concerned friend