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Cannon Bone

July 20, 2019 17:45 @ Key Stage 1

The omnipresent Cannon Bone are the handsome duo who are bathing in a trough of horse tears at the news of the last most excellent Farnstock. They have brought equine rock to the masses and made sheer audio beauty within the ears of listeners young and old and hard. Farnstock we love Farnstock we do. #beaboner #horsecafefarnsfield6

About Cannon Bone

Hay You

Is there a direction change in the air or Hay?

Horses Horses Horses that’s all we hear from these two pair of STALLIONS but NO, it is proven that Cattle with larger cannon bones are calmer than those with smaller cannon bones. 

One online review was heard by ears somewhere SHOUTING when and where can I get a copy of the much anticipated “At a Canter Album on 180 gram VINYL from the Cannon Bone STALLIONS” at the sell-out gig back yonder sometime in the past over there.

One thing we do know is to hold onto your hats as EQUINE rock is knocking on your face to say Hay.