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Johnny and the Raindrops

July 22, 2017 13:30 @ Key Stage 1

Farnstock’s favourite funsters require very little in the way of introduction – guaranteed to get all the kids (and all the adults too) up and dancing with their original songs covering topics from mermaids to sustainable transport and anything in between.

About Johnny and the Raindrops

Twangin’ on a guitar! Bangin’ on a drum! Look out everybody ‘cause here comes... Johnny and the Raindrops!

Johnny and the Raindrops play jump-up-and-down-rocking-and-rolling-can’t-sit-down-best-time-ever music for cool kids and funky families. They write lively and original songs that get children (and grown ups) dancing and moving, singing and grooving.

The Nottingham-based band have released seven albums of innovative and original music for children, plus a greatest hits album Best of the Bunch, and a DVD ‘No Sleep ‘til Sherwood’.

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